Proactive Blueprint (PB) was expertly and specifically designed by Saber Security Solutions to prepare and assist law enforcement and other first responders in the event of an emergency tactical situation or natural disaster(s) within or on the property of a Saber-Proactive-Blueprinted building. 

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Saber Security Solutions will fully photograph, video, and construct a virtual tactical blueprint of your designated building(s) on any educational, corporate, or medical campus.  This product will enable law enforcement and other first responders to quickly and thoroughly plan for a tactical entry situation, as well as shave valuable moments off of the responding units’ initial planning time, making entry and possible evacuation of the building more efficient when every second counts.  The first thing on every tactical officer’s mind when called to a high risk situation is,  “Do we have the blueprints of the building or videos/photographs of the building?”  This question remains the same, regardless, if the emergency is a natural disaster or if the emergency is an active shooter on a school campus. The benefit of quick access to tactical blueprints cannot be measured when responding to these calls. 

Saber Proactive Blueprint services gives you the fastest, most effective and tangible answer to that very question.  You will have a virtual tactical blueprint to include up-to-date photographs and video of the building’s layout to include all entrances, exits, hallways, rooms, and additional tactical information any SWAT officer needs to plan for a high risk entry.  You will also have the peace of mind in knowing that the files containing your Proactive Blueprint can be shared in advance with your local first responders at your discretion and are owned by you, the Saber Security Solutions’ client. 

If a hostage escapes from a building and is able to tell law enforcement, “The shooter is in the library” a tactical officer or emergency response team will immediately benefit from accessing a product that contains pictures and videos of the library as well as all hallways and surrounding areas.  Your safety blueprint  will also include a range of  building demographics such as physical capacity during business and nonbusiness hours, proximity to closest medical and trauma units, and when applicable, will include pre-surveyed Medevac helicopter landing zones. 

We call it a Proactive Blueprint.  We’re confident that you will call it peace of mind.  Your employees, students and their parents, and/or clientele will thank you. Each building and the people within it, have needs as unique as a fingerprint.   Call us today to discuss how we can create a fully customized and unique Saber Security Solutions Proactive Blueprint to help keep those you serve optimally safe in an emergency. 

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