Sweet Spot Photos

Successful Methods of Photography through Windshields

            Conducting surveillance photography through a vehicle’s windshield can be a difficult task. Many vehicle windshields have a concave shape that offers a blurry or distorted view, therefore it is important to find the most flat portion of your windshield to shoot through. Finding this “sweet” spot is imperative to obtaining a clear and crisp photograph each time. I’ve had this situation happen to me many times in my surveillance career and many vehicle’s “sweet” spot is in the middle of the windshield, directly under the rear-view mirror. It is also very important to use manual focusing to attempt to counteract any remaining distortion in that section of the windshield.

Top: This photo was taken through the “sweet” spot in the windshield and is a bit sharper and has a better color contrast.

Bottom: This photo was taken directly over the steering wheel and has a slight blur with a slight hazy look.

Overall, both photos may satisfy the eye as a general photo but the difference will present itself when trying to capture small details such as a license plate at a distance.

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