Surveillance Photography: Stopping Motion

     When conducting surveillance photography, the need to capture a photo of a moving object happens quite often. Whether it be a person or vehicle, it is imperative to get a clear photo of the object in motion and you usually only have one opportunity and little time to take such a photo.

When preparing my Nikon DSLR camera for a surveillance operation, during daytime or efficient light environments, I almost always set my camera in (S) Shutter Priority Mode. Setting your camera to (S) can be achieved by rotating the Mode Dial on the top section of the DSLR camera to the (S) position. By setting your camera to the (S) position, you will now have complete control of the shutter speed in which your camera operates. In simple terms, the faster your shutter speed is set, the faster the motion you can capture in a focused photo. To play it safe, I suggest you set your shutter speed to 1/125th second, which is a base setting that will capture a clear motion photo during most surveillance scenarios. This setting (1/125th) or faster, will produce a clear motion photo such as a moving vehicle which is often needed during surveillance operations.


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