Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VRII AR-S Nikkor Zoom Lens

Product Review

            I have used the Nikon 70-200mm for over five years while working throughout the surveillance community.  This lens is definitely my “go to” lens for almost all of my photography needs.  Many of the situations that I have been in during a surveillance photography operation, a 200mm lens was sufficient for the environment I was working in.  I also possess an AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III, which doubles my 70-200mm to 400mm if I need to reach out further in a specific situation.  Just keep in mind, when adding a 2x, you lose a few f stops from the original f/2.8.

            The ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass on this particular lens offers a superb quality of sharpness in every photograph.  I have taken hundreds of photographs from inside a vehicle with tinted or rain covered windows and this lens performs to the highest standard every time.

            We all know the difficulties when trying to take photographs through a front windshield.  Trying to find the sweet spot in the windshield directly under the rear-view mirror (https://sabersecuritytraining.com/photography-through-windshields/) is difficult with any lens but the Nikon 70-200mm makes it much easier.  The lens offers an f/2.8 with makes all the difference in low light environments.  The f/2.8 allows the lens and camera to gather as much ambient light as possible to capture photographs in extreme low light environments without the use of a flash.  As we all know, we never use a flash during surveillance photography so having the ability to operate in manual mode and an f/2.8 lens enables us to capture photographs in many low light environments.

            Overall, I highly recommend this lens for surveillance photography use.






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