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UYIKOO 1920*1080P Metal Body Full HD Mini Camera Car Key Remote Spy Camera DVR Motion Detection w/ Night Vision Car key DVR Hidden Camera

            I purchased this key fob camera a few months ago to test its capabilities and limits.


  • Great still frame picture obtained anywhere in a common room and within speaking distance during a close encounter surveillance.
  • Rugged structure and durable buttons.
  • Above average video and audio collection when placed on a steady surface.
  • Easy connection to your computer and download similar to any external device.
  • Device emits a different color LED light to indicate the selected photo/video/audio setting.
  • Device vibrates to indicate the selected photo/video/audio setting.


  • Key fob must be on a steady surface to capture still frame picture.
  • Any movement or hand shaking will produce a blurry picture.
  • LED light indicator for selected setting is covered by an outer case.
  • The vibration that indicates a selected setting is audible when the device is touching a hard surface.
  • The build in IR LED lights are visible and uncommon with the structure of a common key fob.
  • Internal time/date stamp continues to reset and will not maintain an accurate setting. (I have contacted the manufacturer and they are attempting to resolve this issue.)


Overall, this key fob camera produced great pictures and videos for close encounter surveillance operations but you have to be cautious when using it due to the need for a stable platform with no movement during use.  Also, I would advise holding it in your hand when changing the settings and then place it back onto a table or flat surface for use to avoid an audible vibrating sound.


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