CDR 820 Drive HD Dash Camera

Product Review

            I recently purchased the CDR 820 HD Dash Cam to test out its application in the surveillance world and how it could be used in my every day operations.

As with many of the reviews, I did have some difficulty with the time/date resetting each time it was powered on.  This feature has received many negative reviews on its website.  I found the interface to be generally easy to use but the user does need to have an intermediate level of knowledge with cameras and video quality to fully understand the limits and ability of the camera.  However, a basic user will be able to set up the camera and use it with ease.

Overall, the product worked rather well and I was able to obtain a license plate recognition quality video while traveling in traffic.  I was also very pleased with the stability of the video while driving in congested traffic and suburban streets.  I found the viewing angle to be sufficient for its application and generally happy with the overall point of view angle.  Having a build in screen to view the angle of the camera is very useful in regards to capturing your intended view.

As of this time, I have not contacted customer service to further pursue the time/date glitch.  Even though this product has received mixed reviews on its website, I do feel that this camera functions rather well and is a decent dash cam for products in the $100 range.




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