D7100 front

Photo courtesy of Nikon.com

Nikon D7100 24.1 MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR

Product Review

            The D7100 is the primary DSLR camera I use when conducting surveillance photography courses.  I chose this particular camera due to its high performance level and its affordability.  Many government law enforcement agencies do not particularly have the budget to purchase a D810 or above but the D7100 is a bit more affordable and when coupled with a telephoto style Nikon lens, often produces a quality product.

The 24.1 MP, that the D7100 has, is a sufficient amount of mega-pixels to capture a quality photo in many surveillance scenarios.  The D7100 has an ISO range from 100 to 6400 which when operated with a 2.8f lens, makes capturing a low light photo much easier.

I particularly like the ability to record in 1080p.  When in photo mode, I have the ability to take sharp photos as far away as the capability of my lens but then I can easily switch to video mode and begin to record video while using a telephoto lens.  This provides a great capability in the surveillance world.

The D7100 possesses a dual memory slot feature which works great when switching between video and photo.  The camera can be programmed in the menu section to continue to record from card 1 to card 2 when card 1 is full or record photo to card 1 and video to card 2.  This is a great feature when it comes to having the ability to quickly remove a particular memory card and further process your photos for evidence purposes.

Overall, this is a great camera for any photographer in the intermediate to experienced level and will capture a great photo in many surveillance scenarios.




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